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What We Do

Throughout Central Europe, and in particular, the Czech Republic, there has been renewed interest in preservation of Jewish monuments since the end of Communist rule. Synagogues, Jewish quarters, schools, cemeteries and mikvahs have been renovated and preserved.  Local residents, with financial aid from the European Union and local Jewish associations, are turning their attention to the restoration of historic buildings and monuments that were once proud witnesses to vibrant Jewish life in their towns.

Despite this renewed interest there are still many projects in need of funding. For example, in towns such as Mikulov, the synagogue has been restored, but other Jewish sites are deteriorating.  The cemetery has gravestones that are in various stages of disintegration, and the wall that surrounds it is showing significant decay.   

Most Jewish sights are run by non-Jews, who, wishing to celebrate local heritage, use Jewish buildings as museums and venues for Jewish-themed events and festivals.  If the Jewish way of life is to be remembered in Central Europe it will be up to the people who live there to take the lead.  It is with these individuals and organizations that JPI wishes to partner. 

JPI raises funds to help community organizations in Central Europe to renovate and preserve Jewish monuments and create and present exhibits about Jewish life.  

JPI is a tax-exempt organization based out of Wellesley, Massachusetts.